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Nordic Union for Quaternary Research

The Nordic Union for Quaternary Research


The Nordic Union for Quaternary Research (NORDQUA) is an organization of professional scientists from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). NORDQUA is interested in the last 2.6 million years of Earth's history (the Quaternary) – also known as the ‘Ice Age’. The aim of the Union is to encourage broad interdisciplinary cooperation and communication among Quaternary scientists in Norden, and especially to facilitate networking between young scientists. This is done through organizing joint field excursions and symposia, and by informing about student and job opportunities.


NORDQUA 2018 excursion to Denmark


Dates are now set for 5-7 October 2018. Mark your calendars!


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Registration is required by June the 8th.




New sectretariat for NORDQUA


Anna Hughes, Ívar Örn Benediktsson, Matthew Owen, and Carl Regnéll are the new sectretariat team for NORDQUA.




NORDQUA 2015 excursion - friends of the Pleistocene!


The excursion 21-24 September was another great success, as 37 participants from several different countries toured around the south-central parts of Sweden. Moraines, varves, drumlins and hefty drainage deposits were some of the themes covered in this "2nd" annual NORDQUA field trip.


Find pictures and more information here. The excursion booklet is available here.





NORDQUA group photo in front of Hamnsundhelleren

NORDQUA 2014 excursion - a definite sucess!


The rebirth of NORDQUA was realised through a 4-day long field trip in the Summøre area, western Norway 22-25th of September. Excursion leaders Eiliv Larsen, Jan Mangerud and John Inge Svendsen guided the group in an excellent manner, covering a wide range of Quaternary subjects, including visits to several type localities.


A selection of pictures and the leaders' field trip summary can be found here.

The official field guide is now also available online at geologi.no.

Up-coming Events


NORDQUA excursion 2018


Denmark, 5-7 October 2018


4th Nordic Workshop on Cosmogenic Nuclides


Geiranger, 3-6 June 2018