Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting

The Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting, 2015

The next year's winter meeting is arranged in Stavanger and holds several interesting sessions. Abstract submittance deadline - October 15th. Early bird registration fee - December 1st. General information and themes and sessions can be found on the the Geological Society of Norway's web pages

Two topic descriptions are given in the coloumn to the right. Other relevant topics include "T1 - Climate and geology" and "T10 - Georesources".     

T2 - Fjords

Fjords are regarded as small oceans where it is possible to study a variety of geological, biological and oceanographic processes relevant for society and research. Furthermore, an enormous technological development during the past decades led to a significant improvement of our knowledge about fjords. The proposed session shall be an arena where all activities within fjord research – both below and above sea level – are gathered. Presentations of studies related to e.g. climate research, submarine landslides, clay and rock slides/avalanches, delta development, submarine tailings placements, fluid flow, oceanographic conditions, seafloor mapping, and others, are welcome.

T5 - Quaternary geology and landscape development

This session covers the broad specter of Quaternary geology –from glacial history to the dynamics of the large ice sheets, to late glacial and postglacial landscape development, including sea-level and climate changes. New methods have given increased knowledge on chronology, glacial processes, glacioisostasy, geomorphology, spatial distribution of Quaternary deposits, as well as the importance of pre-Quaternary processes for understanding our present landscape. Other disciplines like geohazard, archaeology and hydrogeology related to Quaternary landscape are also relevant for this session.