Leadership alternations

NORDQUA: new leadership

During the 32nd Nordic Geological Winter Meeting in Helsinki January 13-15, 2016 a small NORDQUA lunch meeting was held to discuss the continued work of NORDQUA. The present leader, Eiliv Larsen (NGU) and the secretary Helena Alexanderson (Lund University) stepped down. A new leader - Niko Putkinen (GTK) - and a new secretary - Outi Hyttinen (University of Helsinki) was selected after volunteering. The term for the leadership/secretariat was set to be two years, and so it will be changed again at the next Winter Meeting in Denmark 2018.

It has been rewarding to contribute to revitalize NORDQUA, and it is with confidence we hand the leadership over to Outi and Niko.

With this we say thank you and good luck.

Helena Alexanderson and Eiliv Larsen

January 2016.