Excursion 2015

NORDQUA excursion to South Central Sweden, September 21-24, 2015

- A 'till' stop at the top of Kinnekulle with all the participants

NORDQUA in Sweden was a great success, with 37 participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Svalbard and the United States. We had masters and PhD students, Swedish survey people and several profs and lecturers—it was a wonderful mix of folk. Our evenings were spent chatting up Quaternary because all students were ‘forced’ to make a presentation on their projects. There was also some singing of the Friends of the Pleistocene Digging Song! The days brought us to moraines, drumlins, tills, varves and drainage deposits. The guide book is available for downloading here.

- At the Uddevalla shell-bank deposits

- Tore Påsse (SGU) discusses Valle Härad formation

- Rosenlandsbankar and beautiful lake Vättern

- Finally, happy in the rain, at the northern tip of Billingen where the drainage of the Baltic Ice Lake occurred

- Svante Björck discusses shoreline displacements on the subcambrian peneplain at Nordkroken

- Sarah Greenwood, Henrik Swärd and Tom Dowling tell us the story of the dynamic Vättern Lobe

- The group looking at thrusted lake sediment in the oldest Younger Dryas moraine at Skövde

- Helena Alexandersson and Martin Bernhardson discuss eolian sand OSL dating near Skara

- Discussing till at Rosenlandsbankar

- Carl Regnell diggin' the varves in Skövde

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