Dear NORDQUA colleagues,

Some information and reminders for those attending the NGWM24 in Gothenburg (apologies to those not attending – we wish you were here!).


ON FRIDAY – 12 January – we will have a members general meeting. We will meet during the lunch break in room R2. We will aim to start the meeting by 12:20, to give you time to get lunch first.

  • The secretariat will give a short review of activities of the last 2 years and there will be an opportunity for discussion on any issues relating to the network.
  • If you have an item for the agenda let us know via email, or speak to us during Wednesday and Thursday. Anna, Ívar, Daniel, and Aloïs are all here.

TONIGHT – Wednesday 10 January – there is a NORDQUA pub social following the Icebreaker.

More generally, we understand that there will be up to 200 Quaternary scientists attending – go team!
We highlight the following sessions of interest, from the Science programme:

  • Wednesday 10 January:
    • 20 – Geoscience for Offshore Wind and Marine infrastructure
    • 27 – Aeolian sediments, landforms and processes, and their paleoenvironmental record
    • 4 – Slope stability, landslides/avalanches and their secondary effects
    • 19 – Marine geology records of Quaternary to late Holocene changes in North Atlantic Ocean circulation with a special reference to Arctic and North European climate
  • Thursday 11 January:
    • 28 – Quaternary palaeoclimate from Scandinavian to Global perspective – a session in honour of Svante Björck
    • 37 – Geology, landscape, and the human past – Recent approaches to geoarchaeology
    • 26 – Sedimentary ancient DNA applications to Quaternary Geology
    • 29 – Quaternary geology/Geomorphology: Open Session
  • Friday 12 January:
    • 25 – Glacial processes: Under ice and under pressure
    • 24 – Deglaciation: dynamics, processes and products

We wish all NORDQUA members a Happy New Year, 2024!

Best wishes, 
Your NORDQUA Secretariat: Anna, Ívar, Henry, Daniel, and Aloïs