Newsletter items: 1. Updates from the Secretariat; 2. Excursions planning; 3. Upcoming meetings; 4. Reminders of social media and how to contact the secretariat. 

1. Festive greetings and updates from the Secretariat

Festive greetings to all in these challenging and changeable times. We hope that Nordqua members are doing well and keeping healthy.

NORDQUA welcomes a new Communications Officer!

  • We are pleased to annouce that Henry Patton from University of Tromsø and CAGE, Norway is now the NORDQUA Communications Officer. Welcome Henry!
  • Henry has alreasdy started refreshing the NORDQUA website and so expect to see some changes there in 2022. All existing content will be retained, but we plan for this to be a fresh new look and also more streamlined for updates and opportunities.
Profile picture of Henry Patton wearing a red coat on a mountain top
Henry Patton

Nordic Geological Winter Meeting, Reykjavík, Iceland 2022

  • NGWM is postponed to 11-13 May 2022, with the intention of an in-person meeting. Regstration will open on 15 January 2022.
  • The 4th circular and list of sessions for the 35th NGWM is now available from the meeting website:
  • Note that there are a number of excursions planned before and after the meeting (further details in January) including:
    • 10 May – Fagradalsfjall eruption site on the Reykjanes Peninsula.
    • 14 May – NORDQUA field excursion (1 day) to the Glaciotectonics and raised shorelines of Lower Borgarfjörður, West Iceland.
    • three-day field excursions starting on 14 May to south coast of Iceland, Borgarfjörður and Snæfellsnes peninsula.
  • As usual, and regardless of the format, there will be a NORDQUA-members meeting during the conference. We very much hope to see you there (and in person) in May. This will take place within the main period of the conference 11-13 May.

2. Excursion planning

  • As I am sure that you are aware, excursion planning has been exceptionally challenging over the past two years, and a moderate-level of uncertainty for international travel and in-person meetings looks set to be with us for a while. We are however keen to have an excursion as soon as possible, the last time NORDQUA members met in the field was in 2018!
  • We had hoped to run the now twice-postponed excusion to Norway in 2022. However, the local organisers prefer to run the trip in the spring and this will not be feasible next year as timing would be too close to the re-scheduled NGWM. We hope to run this exciting trip in the future.
  • There will be a short 1-day NORDQUA-sponsored excursion following the NGWM (see above – registration details and more information to follow in January).
  • We are also exploring options for running an excursion later in 2022 and/or spring 2023.
  • If you are thinking of leading an excursion, or would like to, then please get in touch!
Iceland, winter 2021

3. Other upcoming meetings and excursions of potential interest

  • QRA Annual Discussion Meeting: Quaternary Glaciations: Processes, environments and reconstructions [ONLINE] 5-7 January 2022
  • 51st International Arctic Workshop, 20 – 23 June, 2022. University Centre in Svalbard.
  • EGU General Assembly 2022 [HYBRID] 3-8 April 2022.
  • Peribaltic Youth Symposium Geomorphology in Quaternary Research. 28 June to 1 July 2022, Władysławowo, Poland. Registration deadline: 30/04/2022. Further information:
  • 3rd International PalaeoArc Conference. Processes and Palaeo-environmental changes in the Arctic: from past to present. Finland 23-26 August 2022.

4. Social media and contacting the secretariat

  • We aim to send out a NORDQUA newsletter up to four times a year when we have important news. Between these you can find information on the website or social media platforms.
  • A promotional flyer is available to download from the NORDQUA website.
  • New members can sign up for the newsletter via this form.
  • Our Twitter Account (@NORDQUAnews) now has 250 followers! Please follow and use the hashtag #NORDQUA.
  • The Facebook group currently stands at 118 members. To join, click the link and ask to join, you will be accepted! After joining it is possible to post to the page to share information directly with other members.
  • If you have suggestions to improve NORDQUA and/or information (e.g. job/PhD vacancies, upcoming meetings/conferences) that you would like to see added to the NORDQUA website or shared with members please contact the Secretariat:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from NORDQUA!

Anna Hughes, Ívar Örn Benediktsson, Henry Patton, Lena Uldal Hansen & Björn Morén